idle/idō x Shurén Projects - "The Man With Only One Pants"

Malaysian indie labels idle/idō & Shurén Projects join forces to create a product(s) for the holiday season.
To bring value to customers celebrating the festive season, we've combined 3 products into a multi-functional piece of pants.
Fusing the aesthetics of both labels, the pants is designed with idle/idō's emphasis on functionality, 
along with understated colors & product detailing of Shurén Projects.
This lookbook titled - "A Man With Only One Pants" follows a Man without a name,
living the simplest of life, trying to get on with his routines.
Here, his leaking sink forces him to step out in the middle of a pandemic to find supplies for the quick fix. 
With the only pair of pants he possesses, he managed to carry out this mini-mission, swiftly.
Man with only one pair of pants —
if his pockets were full, could dream perchance.

He hit the 4D jackpot at 18 years of age,
though now a beautiful loser, TVB is his cage.

If nothing outside the television is real,
how can Man fix his leaking sink ordeal?

To the hardware store now, Man must go,
but first one cigarette, nobody will know.