TW: I’m 31 this year, a simple guy who wants to live simply. I wanted to design clothing with pockets, but not pockets that would be too obvious, so I had them concealed. I also tried combining fabric of similar colours for the cut and sew pieces, and I was quite satisfied with the outcome. I tailored the pieces to follow the loose cutting from the previous collections, cause it’s better to wear more loosing fitting pieces in tropical weather.
I wasn’t really sure where to shoot the lookbook. It just so happened that we were in Penang for a pop up, so we just decided to shoot it in Penang. My father is from Penang, and I used to visit Penang during every school holiday. Ever since Penang became a world heritage site in 2008, I stopped coming so often because of the massive traffic jams. This year George Town is much less crowded because of Covid, and for this reason I was able to shoot photographs with ease. In an empty George Town I wandered about with ease, and ate whatever I wanted to, that was what it felt like when I was a child. 
Special thanks for our model, TE. Love you<3